The Bond Wand Essentials Kit

The Bond Wand™ is a patented Fascial Adhesion Stretching Tool designed to Relieve Stress, Improve Mobility, and Delay Aging. The unique design of the Bond Wand™ allows for enhanced leverage and/or concentrated pressure to various body parts using the strength of the larger muscles of the elbow and shoulders rather than the smaller muscles of the wrist and the hand. This eliminates user fatigue and allows tremendous forces to be targeted at trigger points or along entire muscle length. The Bond Wand enables instrument-assisted soft tissue release (IAST) and post-isometric relaxation neuromuscular facilitation release. The Bond Wand™ can be used effectively with either arm and it also has a variety of attachments: first either a cane or a short bar connects to the arm handle for using it for either distant body parts of closer body parts. Secondly there are a variety of different attachments to be used at the tip of the bars. A rounded tip for trigger points, a multiple pointed tip for larger areas, a roller-bar for massaging broad areas and/or longer muscles and scraping tools for fascial stretching/release of flat areas of the body. The basis of the Bond Protocol is CRAC followed by IASTM.

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Eduardo Olguin
My favorite recovery tool.

I've been using this device for about a month, and I absolutely love it. I consider myself an avid cyclist, and I've participated in a couple of marathons and many full and half distance triathlons. After many injuries over time, I've learned the hard way that recovery is a very important part of my training. I should also mention that I have a broken arm with limited movement. For that reason, it feels like this device was designed for me, helping me reach parts of my back and shoulders that I wasn't able to do by myself before. This has become my favorite recovery tool.

Ron Grinel
Almost as amazing as Dr. David Bond himself

Almost as amazing as Dr. David Bond himself, is his revolutionary self-health message device, “The Bond Wand”. Following the simple instructions, and using the 5 attachment heads and extension, you can learn to smooth out, and eliminate muscle pain anywhere on your body, even the far reaches of your own back. A great advancement in giving messages, truly a remarkable invention in design……..
The future of your health is in your hands…..

Arthur Fuss
I was able to get relief without a massage

This product is great because I can get relief quickly without having to visit a chiropractor or a masseuse. I like the fact that there is a lot of guidance with the videos and instructions on how to address previously hard to address body parts without the help of a practitioner.

Maria Furlano
The Bond Wand is fantastic!

I've been a physician of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture for 20 years and looking for a tool that actually treats all my muscles and meridians ... I finally found it!

I've been using The Bond Wand for 2 months now and I'm so impressed by the quality and functionality of this body tool. You can tell there's been a lot of thought into the design of this product because it truly allows me to reach every area of my body and move deeply into muscles, trigger points and meridian lines with precision.

Treating the trigger points and muscle tension in my back (specifically using on my rhomboid muscles, and under the scapula) is amazing! But I've used this weekly on my IT band, hamstrings, latts, rhomboids, traps, and pects and have found it to be incredibly healing. The variety of tools in this product create specific ability to target every area of the body.

I also greatly appreciate the very short and to the point videos that have been created by Dr. Bond, because they teach me exactly how to apply this tool to any area I need in just a few seconds.

The packaging is fantastic and the stainless steel tools are heavy duty and top notch! Amazing product!

Chris Wilson
The Magic BondWand

Not only is DrBond An amazing Chiropractor,He developed a massage tool that is the most advanced and works the best of what Ive seen thus far.
Ive been using it daily and getting amazing results. Its digs deep and does the job. The design and material used is top notch. I know ill be using this the rest of my life for sure! Great for any athletic endeavors you might partake in.