How to Treat the Tibialis Anterior (Anterior Shin) with the Bond Wand

Dealing with a leg injury or strain can be unpleasant but with targeted massage therapy, you can minimize your pain and speed up the recovery process. One of the most commonly injured lower leg muscles is the tibialis anterior. The tibialis anterior muscle is crucial for everyday mobility and it can be stressed by intense athletic activity, chronic overuse, or due to preexisting conditions, such as flat feet. Tibialis anterior pain is often experienced by runners, restaurant workers, retail workers, and more. 

While it can be frustrating to deal with a leg injury or leg pain, there are many ways to find relief at home. One effective way to treat the tibialis anterior muscle of the leg at home is by using the doctor-developed Bond Wand. Today, we will walk you through the correct use of the revolutionary massage tool, the Bond Wand, and discuss this commonly injured leg muscle.

Where Is the Tibialis Anterior Located?

The tibialis anterior, a long and narrow muscle, plays a pivotal role in lower leg movement. Located near the shin, this muscle is integral for actions such as foot dorsiflexion—pulling the foot toward the shin—and inverting the foot. Its function is essential in everyday activities, from running to driving.

What Is the Function of the Tibialis Anterior?

The main function of the tibialis anterior is to facilitate dorsiflexion, which is the action of pulling the foot toward the shin. The tibialis anterior also inverts the foot and holds up the medial longitudinal arch of the foot. When you press the gas or brakes in your car with your foot, you are using the tibialis anterior muscle.

How To Stretch the Tibialis Anterior with the Bond Wand

When using the Bond Wand, Dr. Bond recommends you start by applying some balm to the tibialis anterior area to help the precision massage tool move easily up and down the leg. After applying the balm, contract the foot upwards towards the face and place the Bond Wand on the myotendinous junction. Then, ease the personal massage up the lower leg. It is important to press firmly but not so hard that it’s painful. You can wiggle and stop and start with the Bond Wand depending on what feels best. By applying pressure inward and upward with the wand, you are helping the tibialis anterior muscle to stretch. You can use the Bond Wand to help rejuvenate the tibialis anterior after a long day on your feet or use it to help with tibialis anterior tightness and injury.

Personalized Wellness At Home

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