How To Use the Bond Wand for Posterior Shoulder Pain

Treating posterior shoulder pain is often difficult without tools as it can be a tricky area of the body to reach on your own. As the shoulder joint is an important part of everyday function and mobility, it is important to facilitate the healing of the area as quickly as possible. By combining targeted massage treatments using doctor-developed tools, like the Bond Wand, and in-depth stretching exercises, you can revitalize and promote flexibility in the posterior shoulder area. 

Identify the Muscles of the Posterior Shoulder

The back of the shoulder is referred to as the posterior shoulder. The principal muscle group that supports and stabilizes the shoulder joint is referred to as the rotator cuff muscles. The four rotator cuff muscles consist of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and the subscapularis. 

What Causes Posterior Shoulder Pain?

There are many possible causes of posterior shoulder pain, such as arthritis, muscle strain, rotator cuff tears, stenosis, and more. Pain in the back of the shoulder is common and can often be treated with pain management in the form of bodywork and doctor-developed tools. Symptoms of shoulder pain can include aches, weakness, instability, and pain when moving the arm. As the roots of shoulder pain vary, people of all age groups and activity levels can be affected by posterior shoulder pain.

Enjoy Quick Relief From Shoulder Pain With the Bond Wand

Using the Bond Wand, you or your client, can now experience innovative massage therapy in one innovative device. After applying a hydrating balm to the posterior shoulder area, take out the Bond Wand with the convex head attachment. Powered by patented fascial stretching technology, the Bond Wand can be used in a straightforward motion on the back of the shoulder area or in a scooping motion. It is important to target the supraspinatus and the tender superior medial point to get the most effective experience and pain relief. 

A Must-Have Professional-Grade Massage Tool 

The shoulder joint possesses the most extensive range of motion in the human body, making its healthy functionality and flexibility of the utmost importance. With the Bond Wand, you can go beyond surface-level massage and target deep layers of tissue, promote shoulder flexibility, and improve circulation. This revolutionary and versatile massage tool can be used all over the body, not just on the shoulder muscles, to address trigger points, tight fascia, and muscle imbalances. Order the Bond Wand today if you or your client could benefit from an easy-to-use precision massage tool for personalized wellness.