Treating the Posterior Neck & Shoulder With the Bond Wand


As more and more people spend their workday hunched over a computer, neck and shoulder pain have become increasingly more common. It’s not only office workers who experience pain in the neck, and shoulder areas of the body, athletes also commonly stress this region of the body and experience muscle tightness and spasms in the posterior neck and shoulder. You can now take control of your shoulder and neck pain with the doctor-developed Bond Wand. This easy-to-use handheld device delivers a precision massage at your fingertips and can be used to target every muscle group of the posterior neck and shoulder. Today, we’ll discuss the posterior triangle of the neck and how you can relieve shoulder and neck pain from the comfort of your home using the innovative Bond Wand.

What Is the Posterior Triangle of the Neck 

The posterior triangle of the neck is an anatomical region of the body that contains many vascular and neural structures and includes an anterior, posterior, and inferior border. Pain in this region of the body is often treated with targeted massage therapy and physical therapy.

What Causes Neck Pain

There are many different ways to accidentally cause neck pain. As the neck must support the weight of the head, it is more at risk for possible pain and injury. When you hold the head in one position for long periods of time, such as staying hunched over a smartphone, long haul drives or even reading in bed, you can trigger muscle strains in the neck and shoulder. Sleeping in awkward positions, sitting and standing with bad posture, and even smoking can all increase the risk of developing neck pain. In more severe cases, rear-end car collisions can cause whiplash, resulting in pain and injury in the posterior triangle of the neck and shoulder pain.

How To Relieve Neck Pain With the Bond Wand

If you or a client is seeking immediate relief and restoration of the posterior neck and shoulder area, the Bond Wand can be of assistance. The Bond Wand is a personalized way to benefit from IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization) at home, in the office, or on the go. After applying a moisturizing balm on the affected area of the neck and shoulder, find a firm trigger point on the posterior and superior shoulder and the posterior neck, including the paracervical vertebra, upper trapezius, and levator scapula. After finding the trigger point, apply firm pressure to the area for 90 seconds with the Bond Wand, making sure you get on the paracervicals. When dealing with pain and muscle strain on the upper trapezius and levator scapula, work with the Bond Wand from distal to proximal for optimal results. If you want to get into the gutter area of the neck and shoulder, be sure to use the convex attachment for the Bond Wand. Then, using your free hand, distract the arm by lightly pressing down on it to get light traction on the neck with the massage tool.

Unlock The Future of Massage Therapy

With the revolutionary Bond Wand, it’s never been easier to take control of your wellness journey. Now you can refresh, restore, and rejuvenate your body with a professional-grade massage tool from the comfort of your home. If you’d like to experience the future of massage therapy, order the doctor-developed Bond Wand before they sell out!