Relieve Foot Pain on the Go with the Bond Wand

Foot injury and pain can be debilitating. Whether you’re an athlete, restaurant worker, or office worker, you need your feet for everyday movement, and keeping those muscles in good condition is crucial for your well-being. Since we use our feet every day, foot pain is common across all demographics. In this informative article, we will be discussing the plantar fascia and how you can treat your foot pain with the precision Bond Wand massage tool.

What Is the Function of the Plantar Fascia

The plantar fascia is made up of fibrous bands of collagen and runs along the bottom of your foot. This thick band of tissue connects the heel bone to the metatarsal heads and supports the arch of your foot. The plantar fascia also acts as a shock absorber for your foot, helping to stabilize your movement when you run or walk.

What Causes Pain in the Bottom of Your Foot

There are many ways to stress the plantar fascia. Wearing shoes with no arch support can put undue stress on the bottom of your feet as can running on hard surfaces. Everyday movement like pressing the gas pedal or brake of your car also activates the plantar fascia and a long driving journey without pauses to stretch or rest the area can result in foot pain. Restaurant workers and any other profession that requires their employees to be on their feet all day, like nurses, can also result in uncomfortable foot pain. It’s important to stretch and rest the area to keep the plantar fascia feeling rejuvenated and working properly.

How To Massage the Plantar Fascia With the Bond Wand

Pain in the bottom of your feet can be temporarily minimized with rest, ice, and over-the-counter medications but it is best to target the affected area with in-depth massage therapy and stretching to find lasting relief. Using the doctor-developed Bond Wand massage tool on yourself or a potential client is an excellent way to penetrate the deep layers of tissues in the foot and promote better flexibility and circulation for the plantar fascia. Start by putting on the convex head attachment on the Bond Wand and applying a hydrating balm to the bottom of the foot. Then, bring the toes up and relax the foot. Using the Bond Wand, use the precision massage tool on the bottom of the feet, working from top to bottom of the area. With this handheld fascial adhesion stretching tool, you can customize your approach by wiggling the Bond Wand or working slowly, using a stop-and-start approach. 

More Than Just a Foot Massage Tool

Take control of your wellness journey and speed up your recovery time with the versatile and revolutionary Bond Wand. This professional-grade massage tool can help you to reduce inflammation and alleviate chronic pain anywhere on the body. This lightweight innovative tool takes massage therapy and bodywork to heights, creating an exciting new era for wellness. The Bond Wand is an all-in-one precision targeting massager and can be used on yourself or on your clients. Buy one today to enjoy its rejuvenating effects!