How To Treat Hip Pain at Home With the Bond Wand

Hip pain is a common symptom caused by a variety of issues. Hip pain is generally not seen as a major health problem, however, it can make daily activity and athletic pursuits uncomfortable and painful. While treating hip joint pain with over-the-counter pain relievers can provide temporary relief, it’s important to stretch and massage the affected area to keep the area flexible and the whole body balanced. If you’re interested in speeding up your recovery time, alleviating chronic hip pain, and taking control of your wellness journey, you may benefit from adding the Bond Wand to your self-care routine or massage therapy practice.

What Muscles Are in the Hip?

There are four groups of muscles that make up the muscles of the hip joint: the gluteal group, the lateral rotator group, the adductor group, and the iliopsoas group. Within these four muscle groups are seventeen muscles, including the gluteus maximus, pectineus, quadratus femoris, and more. All of these muscles facilitate movement for the hip. 

What Causes Hip Pain?

Since the hip includes so many different muscles, there are a variety of causes and actions that can result in hip pain. Simple activities such as lying on your side for a prolonged period of time or sitting in an awkward position at work can result in muscle stiffness in the hip. Athletes who use their hips for a variety of movements, including gymnasts and dancers, are also likely to injure their hips and experience hip pain. Adults with preexisting conditions such as sciatica and arthritis are also likely to experience recurring hip pain.

The Fastest Way To Relieve Hip Pain With the Bond Wand

If you’re interested in going beyond a surface-level massage and revitalizing the hip area for yourself or a client, you may want to consider using the Bond Wand. The Bond Wand can be used on the trigger points of the body and may improve blood circulation and mobility. To relieve hip pain with the Bond Wand, make sure you use the concave attachment and place the massaging tool directly on the skin. Then, glide up the sides of the upper leg with the Bond Wand. You can customize your use of the Bond Wand and use a variety of motions to alleviate tension in the hips including a stop-and-start approach, or a wiggling or scooping motion. It’s important to avoid pressing directly on the greater trochanter with the Bond Wand as that might cause some irritation of the bursa. Many people with hip pain will experience pain on the sides of the hip that radiates back towards the glutes. If this is the case, move the leg forward, and work along the side of the hip moving towards the glutes. Using firm pressure, move from the hip to the sacrum with the Bond Wand for hip pain relief.

More Than a Massager for Hip Pain

The doctor-developed Bond Wand can make a massive difference in your wellness routine and revitalize your whole body. This innovative massage therapy tool can be used to target every muscle group to rejuvenate the body and alleviate chronic pain. If you’re interested in unlocking the future of massage therapy, you must order the versatile Bond Wand!