Using the Bond Wand for Back Spasms and Lower Back Tightness

Around 80-90% of people in the US will experience back pain. In fact, back pain is the second most common reason why people visit their healthcare provider. While some people treat their back muscle pain and tightness with over-the-counter pills for pain management, it’s important to take a holistic approach to back pain treatment to ensure lasting relief and recovery. Stretching, better health habits, and targeted lower back massage therapy are important to a healthy and flexible back. If you experience chronic pain in the lower back area, you may benefit from the doctor-developed Bond Wand. 

What Are the Muscles of the Lower Back?

The lower back muscles are essential for maintaining proper posture, facilitating movement, and supporting your spine. The muscles of the back are divided into three groups based on their function. The first group is made up of the Extensor muscles. These muscles run vertically along the side of the spine and they are responsible for straightening and extending your spine. The group of muscles that bend your spine forward are known as the Flexor muscles. Last but not least, the third group of muscles for the lower back are known as the Oblique muscles. The Oblique muscles are located along the sides of the torso and help the spine to rotate and bend sideways.

What Causes Back Muscle Spasms and Lower Back Tightness?

There are many different things that can trigger lower back tightness and back muscle spasms, from routine daily activities to more serious underlying conditions. Athletes who overexert their back muscles with activities like heavy weight lifting and strenuous exercise can experience muscle pain and tightness due to muscle inflammation. Office workers who live a more sedentary lifestyle can also experience back muscle spasms and lower back tightness due to poor posture, awkward sudden movements, and emotional stress and anxiety. In some cases, back pain and spasms can be a symptom of more serious underlying medical conditions, like arthritis, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or kidney stones.

How To Use Innovative Trigger Point Back Massage Tool, the Bond Wand on the Lower Back

If you’re experiencing chronic pain or tightness in the lower back, you may benefit from the patented fascial stretching technology of the Bond Wand. This doctor-developed massager goes beyond the limitations of traditional massage and it can be used on patients or on yourself. When using this trigger point back massage tool, it’s important to start a little bit higher up on the back, towards the rib, and work your way down. Using pretty firm pressure, you can get into the sides, where the quadratus lumborum is to help stretch and rejuvenate that part of the body. Another effective technique is to reach underneath your client and grab the front of their ASIS while working with the Bond Wand on their lower back. This additional motion helps to bring the hips higher and stretches the body. When treating the contralateral side or any other section of the lower back, it is recommended to use the convex attachment for the precision Bond Wand massage tool.

A Revolutionary Whole Body Massager

Experience massage therapy reimagined with the Bond Wand. This versatile and ergonomically designed massager can target every muscle group of the body to improve circulation, mobility, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce inflammation. This professional-grade massage tool can be used to address lower back pain, tightness, back spasms, and more. If you’re ready to go beyond surface-level massage and take control of your wellness journey, try the Bond Wand.